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Get Rad Skatepark Tour for Children’s Health
Going down August 13, 2016

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Update: 8/20/2016

Thanks for visiting the Get Rad Skatepark Tour for Children’s Health page. On August 13, 2016, four skateboarders, aged 31 to 45, set out to break the world record for the most skateparks skated in one day to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Click here to peep the tour footage, or simply read on to see how it went down.

We knew that setting out to skate 34 parks in one day would be a huge undertaking and endurance test. We stretched, trained, plotted, and schemed for months. The morning of, sunrise was at 6:03, and by 6 a.m. sharp, we were skating Benefit Park, a tiny skatepark that is literally across the street from my house. How stoked am I that there’s a skatepark in front of my house?

We wanted to make sure every dude got at least one or two good tricks at each park. What constitutes “a good trick” is entirely subjective—we all know our skill levels and what we value in skateboarding. What one dude considers good, another dude might not even consider a trick. But this is one of the beautiful things about skateboarding in general, and this crew in particular: We’re all stoked when a guy lands something rad, particularly when we know it’s a challenge for him.

Our route took us on a huge spiral, looping through the city of Seattle towards the north, across to the west, and all the way back through town to the south. We skated fourteen parks before we even left the city limits.

Then we headed for south King County. The further we got out of town, the weirder the parks got. We hit sketchy pre-fab parks, huge parks, tiny parks, even one park that was under renovation. The construction guys were down with the tour, so they let us skate the one quarterpipe that was skateable. That was a particularly fun and unexpected session.

At park number 26, Brian took a nasty fall and got injured. We suspended the tour and got him to a hospital. He ended up spending three nights in the hospital and won’t be skating again for several months. He’ll recover fully, but it was pretty awful when it happened.

We didn’t beat the record, but it was an unforgettable experience for all of us and I am super proud of the team. I’m stoked on how the after video came out. I have never seen these dudes skate so rad.

We are profoundly grateful to all the donors to this campaign, whether your gift was large or small. Donations are still open. Please click through and make a donation.

And we thank our amazing sponsors.

Above all, we wish Brian a speedy recovery. You were killing it out there, brother.

Thanks for checking out the Get Rad Skatepark Tour for Children’s Health!

We are four skateboarders living in the Seattle area, and we are going to make a world record attempt for the most skateparks skated in one day. The current record is 31, set by three rad pro skaters back in 2012. We mean to set out to beat this number. Our goal is 34, but if we can get a few more, we will!

We were originally going to do this just for fun, but we ended up deciding to do it for a good cause, and we chose Seattle Children’s Hospital. Please click through and make a donation, whether large or small.

Why Seattle Children’s? We’re all Seattleites or adopted Seattleites, so there is some hometown pride in supporting one of the world’s finest children’s hospitals. But this is also very personal for us.

I was born with an incomplete hip joint. I was treated at Children’s, and from when I was seven to fourteen months old, I had a cast that went from my shins to my waist. They tell me I learned to walk in that thing! This allowed the hip to finish growing in. If it hadn’t been for the world-class treatment I got at Children’s as a baby, I would have been disabled for life, and I certainly wouldn’t be a skateboarder!

Our team for this tour consists of Brian Brookhart, Mark Mensalvas, Jesop Gale, and me, Kenneth Barger. We aren’t legendary pros, but we are four skaters who have been doing it for a long time and we love it.

We’re excited about making our world record attempt. And we’re stoked that we’re living in a place that has one of the world’s greatest concentrations of skateparks. Some of them are good, some of them are awful, some of them are downright legendary, and we’re going to hit them all. It’s skateboarding’s golden age, kids, get out there and get some!

Peep our promo vid, and watch this space for updates. The Tour goes down on August 13, and we’ll post the footage afterwards.

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— Kenny Barger
Photo of kenny as a baby

Kenny as a baby

The team

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