The Get Rad Skatepark Tour for Children’s Health V:

The Remote Rip Rides!








We’re going virtual for the Get Rad Skatepark Tour for Children’s Health V: The Remote Rip Rides! And we need your help this year. Read on to see how to support Seattle Children’s with your clips and donations!

When COVID-19 hit, we went back and forth about what do to for the tour this year, or if we could even do anything. We couldn’t in good conscience get a crew of 10 or 12 skaters and travel all over the Pacific Northwest in the middle of a pandemic, particularly if the objective of this whole thing is to support children’s health. We bounced ideas around and finally came up with the Remote Rip Rides!

We’re asking for skaters from the Pacific Northwest and beyond to submit skateboarding clips for the video through the form below. Once we have enough hammers together, we’ll make a video and put it out to spread the word and invite people to donate. We’re shooting for a November 1 release. Guidelines for submissions are pretty loose. There are only two rules: wear a helmet, and wear a mask.

Other than that, just film a trick or line you think is rad! All skill levels are encouraged to participate. And it doesn’t have to be a skatepark clip—if you have a hammer for a local curb or set of stairs, we’d love to see it and include it in the final video.

So get out there and get those bangers! And please make a donation, whether large or small, to Seattle Children’s through the donate button below. Let’s break our fundraising record this year!

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